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Feb 2017 – Transition to Project Management Institutes Updated Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program

February 2017

Written by Evelyn D. Brooks, MSM, PMP, SSGB

As many of you know, as of December 2015, Project Management Institute (PMI) Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program was updated to align to the PMI Talent Triangle.  To facilitate the process of transitioning to this updated program, there will be different renewal requirements through November 2017.  Below is the table to illustrate these requirements.


 Beginning December 1, 2015

Certification Expiration Dates:

Dec 1, 2015 – Nov 30, 2017

December 1, 2017 and Beyond

Classify PDUs according to new CCR format



Meet minimum number of
PDUs in Education category and
each of the three skill areas
(new requirement)



Limit “Giving Back” category
PDUs to the new maximum



If you are in the second or third year of your current cycle (an expiration prior to or on November 30, 2017), you will continue to fulfill the prior CCR requirements and will not be required to meet the new “Education” and “Giving Back” PDU requirements.

You will need to classify all new PDU claims according to the PMI Talent Triangle.

Once you have completed your first renewal after December 1, 2015, you will need to conform to all new CCR requirements moving forward.  If you are in the first year of your current cycle, then you will be required to meet all of the new CCR requirements.  This includes meeting the minimum education requirements and classifying all new PDU claims according to the PMI Talent Triangle.

After PMI confirms that you have met the PDU requirements, you will receive an electronic notification to apply for certification renewal.  Once you receive the notification, you will be directed to submit the renew fee payment on their online certification system.

Note:  PMI’s membership renewal fee is different and separate than the certification renewal fee.

New CCR Requirements:

All PMI certification holders must earn PDUs to actively maintain their PMI certification(s).  These PDUs can be earned through a variety of professional development activities that focus on the two major areas listed below:

  1. Education – This includes education opportunities that allow you to build, grow and improve your Technical Project Management, Leadership, or Strategic and Business Management

Technical Project Management: Knowledge, skills, and behaviors related to specific domains of Project, Program and Portfolio Management.  For PMPs, a minimum of 8 PDUs is required in this area.

Leadership: Knowledge skills and behaviors specific to leadership-oriented, cross-cutting activities that help and organization achieve its business goals. For PMPs, a minimum of 8 PDUs is required in this area.

Strategic and Business Management: Knowledge of and expertise in the industry or organization that enhances performance and improves the delivery of business outcomes. For PMPs, a minimum of 8 PDUs is required in this area.

  1. Giving Back – This includes activities that allow you to share and utilize our knowledge and skills with the intention to contribute to and help build the project management profession.

60 PDU Certifications

30 PDU Certifications

Education Self-Directed learning limited to minimum 30 PDUs (This includes reading and informal learning.) Self-Directed learning limited to minimum 15 PDUs (This includes reading and informal learning.)
Giving Back Maximum of 45 PDUs can be earned, of which 15 is through working as a professional. Maximum of 20 PDUs can be earned, of which 7.5 is through working as a professional.

Listed Are Just a Few Ways to Earn PDUs:

  • Read an article like this, blog and books to help you stay informed
  • Enroll in a training course offered by a PM Registered Education Provider (REP)
  • Enroll in online e-learning On Demand courses, such as www.CorePMEssentials.com
  • Create Content to share your knowledge and perspectives with the project management community.
  • ContactUs@CorePMEssentials.com for opportunities to share your content.  

  • CCR – The Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR) program that supports the continuous professional and educational requirement of those who are certified PMP, PgMP, PdMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, PMI-RM and or PMI-SP.
  • CCRS – Project Management Institute’s online continuing certification requirements system used to track their professional development activities and report/claim professional development units (PDUs) towards the maintenance of their certification(s). It is accessed via PMI’s website (PMI.org).
  • PDU – Professional development units (PDUs) are the measuring units used to quantify approved learning and professional services activities towards the maintenance of PMI’s various certifications. Each professional development activity equates to one PDU or one hour spent engaged in the activity.
  • PDU Certification Cycle – This refers to the three-year PMI certification cycle which starts on the day of your certification (pass the exam) and ends three years thereafter. Regardless of your renewal date, your cycle begins at the end of the previous cycle.

Tips/TricksLead by Example

Managers serve as models of how people under their leadership should behave.  Studies have shown this to be true.  For example, when a manager sends out emails with dozens of typos regularly, the general consensus is that the use of proper and correct grammar is not truly valued and or required.  As a result, the organization’s document content degrades.  If the manager is habitually late, then tardiness becomes the norm for everybody.  The same holds true to other characteristics and behaviors such as being untrustworthy, disrespectful, sarcastic, or on a positive note, understanding, fair, optimistic, and resourceful. Managers should be mindful of their influence and use it to promote trust, unity, growth, and productivity.

“In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing;
the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing;
the worst thing you can do is nothing.”
~Theodore Roosevelt
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