Telephone Essentials for Business

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Essential Skills for Professional Telephone Calls


Virtually every single company in the global economy uses the telephone for at least a part of their business. For many organizations, the telephone is the primary form of communication with customers, clients, and colleagues. And with virtual work environments established as a modern business practice, business telephone etiquette is more important than ever to your success as an employee and the success of your organization. This course introduces the essential skills for professional telephone usage. It covers best practices for making and receiving telephone calls, recording and leaving voice mail messages, and the etiquette guidelines for using cell phones.

Target Audience
All levels of employees and any individuals wishing to refine their telephone skills

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize why the telephone is such an important business tool in projecting a positive image
  • recognize best practices for using the telephone in a given scenario
  • identify examples of best practices for using a cell phone
  • recognize examples of appropriate recorded voice mail greetings
  • recognize appropriate examples of leaving voice mail messages

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