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Learn and apply basic elements of project management to your job to support project success.

PM Teacher Bootcamp Course Outline:

  • Intro – Welcome
  • Module 1 – Understanding Project Management and Environment
  • Module 2 -Project Management Framework
  • Module 3 -Integration & Scope Management
  • Module 4 – Project Scheduling Techniques
  • Module 5 – Cost & Quality Management
  • Module 6 – Earn Value Management (EVM)
  • Module 7 – Risk Management
  • Module 8 – Resource Management
  • Module 9 – Communication Management
  • Module 10 – Procurement Management
  • Module 11 – Project Closure
  • Module 12 – Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Mock Exam – Timed 200 MCQ 

There is more to project management than just project completion, scope, and deliverables. Projects exist and operate in environments or conditions that may have a disadvantageous or beneficial effect. Learn more.

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