Filling in contact hour details

When filling in contact hour details for the course, you will need to mention all of the following details for each Knowledge Area certificate that you received
  • Name of institute : VMEdu, Inc.( PMI® Approved Program Number: 2053-PMSTUD
  • Knowledge Area for which you earned the contact hour certificate ( e.g. "Project Framework Management") Click here for sample contact hour certificate you would get for each knowledge area during contact hour courses
  • Date on which the contact hour certificate was awarded (this will be on your contact hour certificate)
  • Number of contact hours awarded for the knowledge area ( such as 3 contact hours for "Project Framework Management")
Please note : While filling in the online application for PMP®/CAPM® certification, you do not need to submit physical copies of the contact hour certificates. However, PMI selects some applications for an audit. If your application is audited by PMI, you will have to send them the printouts of the contact hour certificates that you received from Since the course has been approved by PMI, once you take the contact hour courses and get contact hours for each course, you will not have any problems related to contact hours during the PMI audit.

For further information about PMI, PMP and CAPM Certifications, please visit the Official Website of PMI®