Understanding PMBOK® Guide Thoroughly
  • About PMBOK® Guide
  • Understand Each and Every Term and Concept in PMBOK® Guide : Since the PMBOK® Guide is the PMI® recommended study guide for the PMP®/CAPM® Certification Exams and several questions are based on the PMBOK® Guide, it is important that every candidate understands the PMBOK® Guide thoroughly. Some terms and concepts in the PMBOK® Guide may be different from what is used in your organization. Please, realize that for the PMP/CAPM Certification Exam, it is important for you to relate to terms and concepts as they are expressed in the PMBOK® Guide- knowing the PMBOK® Guide from the first page to the last page is essential for passing the PMP/CAPM Certification Exam .
  • How to read the PMBOK® Guide: For each chapter in the PMBOK® Guide, it is recommended that
    • The student first skims the chapter to understand what the chapter contains
    • The student then studies the PMBOK® Guide in greater detail, with special emphasis on understanding all of the processes and their interactions and all the terms and concepts.
    • Taking notes which can be referred to in the future
    • Reviewing the chapters and revising notes
  • Relating PMBOK® Guide concepts to real-life examples : Rote memorization of the PMBOK® Guide may not be very helpful. Students should try to relate the terms and concepts in the PMBOK® Guide to real-life examples that they have faced in their project management careers. It is important to realize that almost all of the concepts and knowledge areas in the PMBOK® Guide are inter-related, and can be applied to real-life project management situations.
  • After reading a specific PMBOK® Guide Chapter :
    • Study the PMstudy.com Guides
    • Take the Chapter Tests and the evaluation exam for Contact Hours/PDUs offered by PMstudy.com
    • Then, move onto the next chapter in PMBOK® Guide.
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