Filling in work experience details

For quicker processing of your PMP®/CAPM® Exam application, we recommend that you apply online for the PMP/CAPM Exam. When filling in work experience details on the PMP/CAPM Exam application, you should include :
  • Details of your work experience for the minimum time duration specified by PMI®
  • If you have work experience in project management field for longer duration than the minimum specified by PMI, please mention that briefly in your experience details ( maximum 1 or 2 sentences). You need not provide details about work experience beyond the minimum requirements specified by PMI.
  • While filling in your work experience details, do not provide functional or technical details about your projects. Instead, concentrate on providing project management related tasks that you accomplished (which are not necessarily dependent on your functional area of specialization). For example, PMI would like to see if you have worked across different knowledge areas and have experience in different performance domains ( Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, Closing and Professional Responsibility). Your work experience application should bring out your proficiency in project management field. Please include terminology from PMBOK® Guide which relates to the work that you have done.
Please note : While filling in the online application for PMP/CAPM certification, you do not need to submit physical copies of your work experience certificates. However, PMI selects some applications for an audit. If your application is audited by PMI, you will have to send them physical copies of your work experience certificates. These certificates will also need to be attested by the supervisor(s) in the company(s) where you got all the work experience mentioned in your online application. For further information about PMI, PMP and CAPM Certifications, please visit the Official Website of PMI®